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This Code of Conduct applies to your participation in,or access to (a) www.亚博 app官网 and all corresponding domains,subdomains,web pages and websites associated therewith (the "Site"),(b) courses,workshops,career tracks,or other programs (collectively,"Programs"),and (c) any other content,applications,features,functionality,information and services offered on or through the Site (the foregoing subsections (a),(b),and (c) are collectively referred to herein as the "Services").This Code of Conduct shall not limit the Terms of Service in any way.

By participating in a Program as a mentor or student,or any other use of the Services,you agree to the following code of conduct.Any violation of the Code of Conduct,in the sole discretion of SlideRule Labs,Inc.("亚博 app官网Springboard"),shall result in the termination of mentor's or student's participation in any Program and access and use of the Services without reimbursement.


Neither students nor 亚博体育app下载安卓mentors shall use any medium outside of the Services to initiate communication with the other,unless agreed to by the recipient and approved in advance by 亚博 app官网Springboard.All communications and content transmitted shall be related to the Program that a mentor or student is a participant of.亚博体育app下载安卓Mentors and students will not use language,transmit to other students or 亚博体育app下载安卓mentors,or post content that is discriminatory (including without limitation on the basis of race,color,creed,religion,gender,national or ethnic origin,age,handicap,或性取向),threatening,harassing,disrespectful,sexually explicit,unlawful,profane,tortious,defamatory,libelous,deceptive,fraudulent,invasive of another's privacy,or that amounts to Spam.


亚博 app官网Springboard has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment.Harassment includes any unwanted communication unrelated to the Program,or any repeated communication following a request from the recipient or 亚博 app官网Springboard to cease communicating with the recipient.In addition to removal of a violator from the Program,and a ban of a violator's access and use of the Services,亚博 app官网Springboard reserves the right to forward such matters to law enforcement.


亚博体育app下载安卓Mentors and students will not share their communications or details about their communications with third parties 亚博 app官网(excluding Springboard) without the other's prior express consent.

Mentor-Student Meetings

亚博 app官网Springboard does not facilitate in person meetings between 亚博体育app下载安卓mentors and students.Any such meeting is done at each participant's own risk,and each participant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless 亚博 app官网Springboard and its officers,directors,employees,and agents for any injury sustained during any in person meeting.

Personal Relationships between 亚博体育app下载安卓Mentors and Students

For the duration of student's participation in any Program,亚博体育app下载安卓mentors and students are strictly prohibited from establishing and engaging in any form of personal relationships other than a relationship that is appropriate and strictly within the mentor-student context.

Reporting Your Concerns

hello@亚博 app官网">We strongly encourage 亚博体育app下载安卓mentors and students to report violations of this Code of Conduct imme亚博 app官网diately to Springboard by emailing us at:hello@亚博 app官网

This Code of Conduct was last Updated on July 25,2017