Consuelo Valdes

UX Designer,CloudLock

From: Boston,USA
Course: UX Design
Before 亚博 app官网Springboard: Designer,

亚博 app官网Springboard let me step back and really figure out the kind of designer I wanted to be.

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I was at a crossroads in my career.

After working as a designer for three years,I was at a crossroads.I knew some things,but I was still pretty new to the field.I wasn't sure where exactly I wanted to go,or even what all the options were.I felt like there was still a lot for me to learn,but I wasn't sure how to get started.

As I was trying to figure out my next step,I came across 亚博 app官网Springboard.It felt like the right way to learn what I needed to be successful in my career.I also wanted to meet other designers who could help me understand the right path forward for me,and I was excited about talking to a mentor who could share how they'd made career decisions themselves.

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亚博 app官网Springboard exposed me to different areas of design.

Through 亚博 app官网Springboard's curriculum,I identified different areas of User Experience to explore further,including visual design,user testing,personas and workflow analysis.The projects also helped me test out the ones I liked the most.

In one of them,I redesigned a craft brewery website for a friend,using it as a chance to practice user-centered design.I learned how to ask who users really are,what they were supposed to get out of the experience,and how to connect those insights to how the site should work.


This is an approachable program from the convenience of your home and laptop.No commuting to a campus,no set semester timeline.It's at your pace,when you want it.

My mentor helped me navigate my career.

The 亚博体育app下载安卓mentorship was one of the biggest net positives of the program.At the time,I was making a critical decision in my career – whether to leave my current yabo88 app官网job for a new one.I wasn't sure what I should do,and I turned to my mentor Megan for advice.

In our conversations,Megan shared her story.She told me how she had made decisions in her career,and she was very open and upfront about answering personal questions,like what drove her and why.I found it incredibly insightful to see how she discovered what she wanted,and it helped me understand what I wanted myself.

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At my new company,I'm helping overhaul the entire user interface.

With Megan's help,I was able to recast my portfolio in a different,more autobiographical light,which helped me get a new yabo88 app官网job at CloudLock.

Almost every day,I use tools and techniques I learned at 亚博 app官网Springboard.By keeping the focus on users and their workflows,I've earned consensus from the developers I work with.I'm also implementing user testing at our company,which will help us make sure our products work before we release them,and I'm deciding which design tools we'll use as a company.It's very exciting!

My ultimate goal is to be a User Experience unicorn – someone who is a great visual designer,a great prototyper,a great workflow analyst,and a great researcher.I'm still on the way there,and 亚博 app官网Springboard has given me a great foundation to work from.Now I know where I'm headed and the steps I need to take there,and I'm looking forward to getting there soon!

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